Botanica 2019-2022
Botanica 2019-2022
Botanica 2019-2022
Botanica 2019-2022
Botanica 2019-2022
Botanica 2019-2022

Botanica 2019-2022

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Artist statement. 

I have had a love affair with this painting, from 2019 onwards. Back and forth adding colors, (golds, silver, deep blues, bright reds, wine, yellows), and over time adding semi and precious stones, (crushed diamonds, peridots, and rubies).

Persephone (Per`sep`hon`e) paints the flowers while dreaming of the stars, night and day, the forever notions of waning emotions, (back and forth) fields of flowers, depth of oceans, memories of days gone past and times to come.

She paints for the gods, to satisfy their thirst, for change, (seasons, and regions), giving a sense of constant chaos. The garden is so fierce, moving with the wind, (the storms), and yet, soft and gentle, on bright sunny days. She dreams of ancient history and the color, Persian royal blue. Her dreams overwhelm her reality.

Flowers like stars, shimmer in the light. Fading and disappearing as night and day, come and go. The flower opens and closes, (day in, and day out), while the world moves forward in force and yet softly whispers, that time is standing still. 

Such secrets in flowers, as DaVinci played with the stars, (flowers, and man), and yet the whole universe resides in the delicate seed of one flower. In all its yearning beauty and passion, a divided yearning for night and day, give and take, ignorance and intelligence. 

The flower waits for Eros; (a man, a woman) to see her as she is, the most beautiful flower in the world, just for that moment. To smell her scent and stand in awe, of her, as the only universe that exists, seconds disappear. That silent and connective moment, of perfect presence in life. The only life. The only thing that exists at that point, in quantum entanglement. That silence and emotion, feeling its way through the ether. That connective tissue is so unexplainable and yet so well known, to us, as we view the world around us.

Knowing that to stand still is to die and so we grasp at those quiet moments of reflection. The presence of God of gods, of quantum, of beyond what we know. Those ancient roots lay in front of us inside the flower. The DNA inside us connects us with the Earth, as she blooms and shows us, that we are all that exists. To embrace this love, or fantasy of love, this connective tissue, beyond ourselves is to understand love, in all its uniting values. 

Just a Flower. Just a man or a woman. Just a planet. Just a star. Just human. 




Ana Couper


Available at Waihi Beach Gallery NZ. 

Please contact Gallery for viewing. (Price increasing annually until sold). 

Original painting.

Thick impasto, acrylics on Linen Canvas. Crushed diamonds and other precious gems.

1650x 1650 cm. 

Gold ornate frame. 

Series. Flower Fantasy. (2016-)

Signed. Authenticated. 

Made in New Zealand. 

Circa. 2019-2022 ongoing till sold. 

Postal Country. New Zealand.