Collection: DNA GIRL

We all represent all different generations of our past into one face. That past spans over 5000 years of DNA heritage. We are all black, white, yellow, brown, our ancestors have been every culture, every colour, every country, every ethnic race. They spoke and argued philosophy and war, and our blood has been spilt across every nation. We drank from the pure springs of Mesopotamia and walked inside the great pyramids, watched our grandmothers burnt at the stake in Spain & England. Our ancestors Kings & Queens, Lords and Ladies, slaves and criminals. We are Women, we are girls, we are children of the Earth and we cant be defined. 

Inspired by her World DNA (as several indigenous bloodlines) Ana Couper wanted to reflect the inclusiveness of World DNA. Instead of taking a side, she wanted to inform Women everywhere that we must forgive the past and move into a place of acceptance. Having reflected for many years on the Science and the bloodlines in her own history, finding Grandparent against Grandparent, she realised that "It's our story, "its my story". "I cant take a side in ethnicity, so Im embracing the diversity of all Women, everywhere." 

Each DNA Girl reflects aspects of dark and light, past and present. We are everything. We are DNA GIRLS. 

Indigenous DNA Designs by Ana Couper.