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Ana Couper International

TAUPO #176

TAUPO #176

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Limited Edition Collectible card Series. (Only 500 available Worldwide)

High-Quality print and card. (Quality shown lower due to copyright protection)

Original Art Print. 

RRP $10.00 - $12.00 PER CARD 



About the artist:

Ana Couper is a designer, a sculptor & Fine arts artist from New Zealand, who regularly works in Europe and the USA. She has sold over 5000 original art pieces in private collections throughout the World. She has worked with many top artists worldwide including AKON on Web3 projects, Danny Wise in the high end Fashion Industry, Composers, Musicians and Producers/Directors in Hollywood. She has exhibited in International Exhibitions at Art Galleries, and Museums worldwide, and continues to develop her arts in Digital media, Fashion, online catalogues, and products in various mixed medias, including photography, graphic designing, ceramics, acrylics, and machine learning, prompt engineering Ai technology in Visual arts. 




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